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You won’t see these unique Telegram features on WhatsApp

Sep 5, 2021

Message is steadily making its application more captivating by adding new elements consistently, and it has seen an ascent in ubiquity and utilization, particularly in India this year. There are a ton of intriguing elements that Telegram offers, for example, screen sharing, planning messages, individual distributed storage, visit organizers, which are absent on WhatsApp. Here is a brief glance at a couple of Telegram includes that we wish to see on WhatsApp. Obviously, until further notice, Telegram is a strong choice for these.

Visit Folders

This is an extraordinary element since Telegram isn’t only an informing application, it is an open-source stage, which is utilized for public conversations and a single direction broadcast correspondence stream. Along these lines, in the event that you have an excessive number of channels on the fundamental show, you can isolate that from work, or family stuff and afterward swipe between the tabs to rapidly get to any of your visits. There is a “Envelopes” highlight in the settings area, which allows you to make tabs for Home, Work, or anything else.Once you tap on Create Folder, you will see an “Add Chats” button. Assuming your organizer’s name is Home, you can add all your relatives’ visit in that envelope by tapping on the “Add Chats” button. Whenever you are finished with this, Telegram will show two distinct tabs, one will be the primary rundown and the other one will be “Home,” which you made to isolate individual visits from stations you follow.

This way you can promptly track down your friends and family just as your number one channels. You can likewise stick talks to track down the significant visits at the highest point of the screen.

Video Screen sharing

Message allows you to share your gadget’s screen during a video call. This element is just accessible for bunch video calls. You simply need to begin a video call and afterward tap on the three-specked catch, which is situated in the “Video Chat” space. Wire will then, at that point show a couple of choices, out of which you need to choose screen sharing.

The application will then, at that point show two little screens, one for screen sharing and the other one will show your face. You can twofold tap on any two of them to get a greater view. The cycle to limit the screen is comparable. In the event that you are ignorant, the application allows you to make both voice and gathering video calls.Cloud stockpiling/Large records

Dissimilar to WhatsApp, Telegram is a cloud-based courier. Individuals will get to their messages from a few gadgets on the double, including tablets and PCs. There is likewise an individual “Saved Messages” area in the application, which allows you to utilize it as a notebook. Clients can write down significant messages or save photographs here and they will be upheld on Telegram’s safe cloud, very much like your visits.

This element is noticeable when you visit the menu, which is situated on the upper left half of the screen. The Saved Messages highlight is open on your telephone, PC, and whatever other gadget where your record is signed in. You will send high-goal photographs, recordings, and documents of up to 2GB every, which is absurd on WhatsApp.Schedule messages

This is an element that you will once in a while find in well known informing applications like WhatsApp. Wire clients can plan messages, yet in addition alter them any time they need.

The greatest time you will alter your instant messages is two days after they were sent. The element is accessible for both private talks and gatherings. To plan a message on Telegram, you first need to type a message and afterward long-push on the send symbol. Wire will then, at that point show you the Schedule message choice, which you need to tap on to set time and day.

Documented box

WhatsApp allows you To chronicle talks, however Telegram offers a superior method to get to the secret visits. On WhatsApp, you need to look until the finish of the visit window to discover the Archive area. There is no quick method to discover this part.

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