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Who is to blame for Aamir Liaquat’s death?

Jun 22, 2022

The country sits in shock as news broke recently that Aamir Liaquat has died. Liaquat had consistently stayed a questionable figure throughout the long term, all the more so as of late after he got hitched and wound up in an unpleasant separation from his 18-year-old spouse Dania Shah. For some, the TV preacher turned into the banner kid for all that was the issue with Pakistani men thus the inquiry that they didn’t have a response to was : How can one respond to the demise of Aamir Liaquat? Much more so was the inquiry: Who do we fault for his passing?

In the months prompting his passing, Aamir Liaquat was entangled in an unpleasant separation from his ex. 18-year-old Dania Shah turned into a web sensation when news broke she wedded a man threefold her age. To exacerbate the situation, she started posting personal recordings with her significant other. In any case, something like four months into the marriage, she declared that she was separating from Liaquat and made a few serious claims against him. Cases of misuse, drug use and recordings that were marked as vengeance pornography, all discolored his all around flaky standing till the point he guaranteed he was leaving the country.And so normally, everyone’s eyes went to Dania Shah when the insight about Aamir Liaquat’s passing destitute. Many rushed to fault the youngster for his passing. They guaranteed that she had gobbled him up from inside (anything that may mean).Others decided to drag Dania Shah’s name through the mud. Very quickly, the man everybody wanted to despise unexpectedly was pardoned of his wrongdoings by the web-based entertainment judge and jury and another objective was identified.But what individuals blaming Dania Shah for the passing for Aamir Liaquat don’t understand is that they are doing to Dania how they treated Aamir Liaquat and that is harassing. We derision, disgrace and savage somebody however long they can. Furthermore, in the event that misfortune strikes, we transform the individual into a legend. The individual whose photos were transformed into images, who was chuckled at, whose security was disregarded, out of nowhere turns into a man we will all miss.More significantly, for what reason is a lady to fault for the activities of a man? All the more explicitly for what reason would we say we are accusing a 18-year-old who got out of a harmful marriage for the activities of a threefold her man age? Was Dania Shah supported in releasing the recordings? No. In any case, she can’t be faulted for all that Aamir Liaquat did paving the way to his demise. His activities were his and his alone.While one segment of society is caught up with faulting ladies for the activities of a man, another piece is brutally praising the passing. Many savages that trusted Aamir Liaquat to be a stain on society have made a move to keep on scorning him, bring up his past wrongdoings and conclude that he got what was coming to him. The web based tormenting and savaging incredibly go on after one passes away.

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