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What Musk’s past tweets reveal about Twitter’s next owner

Apr 28, 2022

Three days before Elon Musk consented to purchase Twitter, the world’s most extravagant man tweeted a photograph of Bill Gates and utilized an unrefined term to ridicule his gut.

Lively, forceful and frequently adolescent, Musk’s previous tweets show how he has utilized virtual entertainment to make his public picture as a reckless extremely rich person unafraid to insult. They may likewise uncover pieces of information concerning how Musk will oversee the stage he desires to possess.

“Check the feed: It’s out of control out. It’s inconsistent. On occasion it’s limit,” said Jennifer Grygiel, a Syracuse University teacher who concentrates via virtual entertainment and who as of late alloted Musk’s tweets as perusing material for their understudies. “It paints him as some kind of agitator pioneer who will assume command over the public square to save it. That is a legend he has constructed.”Musk joined Twitter in 2009 and presently has in excess of 85 million supporters — the seventh the vast majority of any record and the most noteworthy for any business chief. He had pondered about purchasing the site before he settled on Monday to pay $44 billion for Twitter, which he said he desires to transform into a sanctuary where all discourse is allowed.”I trust that even my most horrendously awful pundits stay on Twitter, since that free discourse implies,” Musk wrote in a tweet.

As the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Musk utilizes his Twitter record to make business declarations and advance his endeavors. He muses about innovation and exchange, however has likewise posted kids about ladies’ bosoms and when contrasted Canada’s top state leader with Hitler. He consistently says something regarding worldwide occasions, as he did in March 2020 when that’s what he tweeted “The Covid pandemic is stupid.”

On Tuesday Musk utilized Twitter to reprimand one of the stage’s top leaders and a lawyer, in one case in an answer to an extreme right dissident who advanced the ruined paranoid idea that pizza parlors around the U.S. were being utilized to traffic youngsters.

Musk’s tweets were trailed by a rush of provocation by different records that designated the two people. For Vijaya Gadde, a 11-year Twitter worker who heads up the organization’s legitimate, approach and trust divisions, the badgering included bigot and misanthropic assaults, notwithstanding calls for Musk to terminate her.Musk has long utilized the bull horn of his Twitter record to punch back at pundits or individuals he goes against, for example, when he went after a jumper attempting to save young men caught in a cavern in Thailand by considering him a “pedo,” short for pedophile. The jumper had recently taunted Musk’s proposition to utilize a sub to save the young men. Musk, who won a slander suit recorded by the jumper, later said he won’t ever mean “pedo” to be deciphered as “pedophile.”

A couple of years prior, after programmer Cher Scarlett reprimanded Musk’s treatment of the cavern episode, the tech tycoon terminated back and she was before long being pestered by many Musk’s internet based fans. He later erased the posts, yet not before Scarlett needed to secure her record since she was getting such countless derisive messages.

“It’s amusing to me that someone who claims they need to purchase Twitter to safeguard free discourse has such meager skin,” she said. “He’s an extremely brilliant man, and when he answers to individuals that condemn him, he realizes what he’s doing. To me that is not supporting free discourse, it’s weaponizing free discourse, and I imagine that he’ll do possessing this stage.”

Nineteen-year-old Jack Sweeney stood out when he made a computerized Twitter account that followed the developments of Musk’s fly. Musk answered by offering Sweeney $5,000 to pull the record. Whenever Sweeney denied, Musk obstructed him on Twitter.

Sweeney said he’s concerned he might get started off the site totally assuming Musk’s takeover is supported. In any case, he said he prefers Musk’s free discourse absolutism, and expectations he owns it.

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