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US hands over Afghan Guantanamo detainee to Taliban

Jun 25, 2022

The United States has delivered an Afghan public, Assadullah Haroon, confined in the Guantanamo jail and gave him over to the Taliban government in Kabul, said a proclamation by Zabihullah Mujahid on Friday.

Mujahid, an authority representative of the Taliban system, said the prisoner was delivered because of the “endeavors of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan [IEA] and its immediate and positive communication with the United States”.

“IEA thinks about this as its obligation to deliver Afghans confined in different nations and endeavors to guarantee that no Afghan remaining parts persecuted in any nation of the world,” the assertion said, adding, “We are presently in touch with a portion of the nations where Afghans have been kept and endeavors are in progress to deliver them soon.”

The Taliban representative expressed gratitude toward Qatar for “clearing the ground” in the arrival of the detainee.

“Because of IEA’s endeavors, today, we are seeing the arrival of Assadullah Haroon from Guantanamo jail and his get-together with his family years after the fact,” it added.The jail has drawn overall judgment for keeping enormous quantities of detainees without charging them or holding preliminaries. Its populace topped at around 800 prisoners, then declined strongly during the 2009-2017 Obama organization. No less than 37 prisoners stayed at Guantanamo Bay, according to an assertion by the US Defense Department in April.

Of those, 18 were qualified for move, seven are qualified for a Periodic Review Board, 10 were engaged with the tactical commissions cycle, and two prisoners had been sentenced in military commissions.

Last month, Taliban Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani said the Taliban system needed great binds with Washington however Kabul had doubts about the aims of the US in light of its direct.

The Taliban chief offered these comments during a meeting on CNN. Because of an inquiry on whether the Afghan government considered the US a foe, he had said the Taliban didn’t consider the US as an “foe” and they were focused on the Doha accord.

“I might want to make a little explanation. The time of the most recent 20 years was what was happening of cautious battling and war. At the point when the arrangement was made in Doha, we concluded that we wouldn’t discuss this. Later on we might want to have great relations with the United States and the worldwide local area,” he had said.Sindh, which saw the biggest number of Covid cases during the last over two years with a count of 578,756 cases, had all the earmarks of being the focal point of the 6th rush of the pandemic. The general energy rate in area was enlisted at 6.10% as of now.

The most elevated rate the nation over was kept in Karachi, which was 15.85%. It was trailed by 4.76% in Mardan, 2.38% each in Mirpur Azad Kashmir and Lahore, 2.24% in Peshawar, 1.63% in Islamabad, 1.52% in Rawalpindi and 1.42% in Gilgit.

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