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Uber charged me £332 for a 1.75-mile trip home

Jul 21, 2021

Last week I booked a Uber from our number one bar to my home in north London – an outing of 1.75 miles I have taken a few hundred times.

I was riding with two companions whom I routinely drop off coming. I requested that the driver utilize my favored course, he denied and a line resulted, to where he launched out us from the taxi in the downpour.

The following day, I got a receipt for £332 – the outing’s expense. The cash had been taken from my financial balance.

It appears to be the driver had run his meter for 16 hours and 27 minutes.

I have had a go at everything to convince Uber that something isn’t right. After 1hr 20mins on the telephone, it essentially cut me off, and the organization doesn’t seem to have any framework that will get a particularly ridiculous bill.AG, London

Leaving to the side whether or not you need to get into a line with drivers over their course, I concur it is odd that Uber’s frameworks didn’t get this conspicuous blunder.

The excursion is plainly displayed on the application as requiring 16 hours yet shows a shortish course across London.

You are not the principal peruser to gripe that Uber’s client administrations are impervious.

Uber says: “We are heartbroken that the client had a particularly helpless encounter. Because of a specialized blunder with the excursion, which we are researching, the client was cheated, and we have been in contact to discount the trip.”And at last…

LT writes to applaud easyJet which has dropped her trips to Bodrum in Turkey toward the finish of July. Inside five days of her requesting a full discount, she says the cash was in her financial balance. We’ll neglect the way that this was the carrier’s legitimate duty. Numerous travelers are as yet sitting tight for discounts from different aircrafts and travel planners from last year.

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