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Twitter’s Parag Agrawal after firing top execs: ‘Expect more change for the better’

May 14, 2022

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal has a put out a progression of tweets making sense of why he decided to fire two top leaders at the organization, expressing that he wouldn’t try not to make troublesome conversations about the organization in light of the fact that the informal community was being gained by Elon Musk.

Agrawal terminated Kayvon Beykpour, who was head of Twitter Product and Bruce Falck, lead for income item at the organization. The Twitter CEO has said he will keep on making “hard choices on a case by case basis,” and “embrace the profound intricacies of our administration and our business. Furthermore, you can anticipate more improvement.”

It ought to be noticed that Musk has said he has required the Twitter securing arrangement to be postponed, till it tends to be affirmed that main 5% of Twitter clients are bots or phony records as the organization has asserted before. He has likewise said he is as yet dedicated to acquisition.Agrawal’s choices to fire two of the organization’s top chiefs during this obtaining period has brought up certain issues. For Beykpour’s situation, the chief was on paternity leave, and he additionally tweeted that it was the CEO who had requested that he leave the organization. Beykpour has to a great extent been credited with a considerable lot of the new item drives at Twitter.But it appears Agrawal is presently standing up to control a portion of the account post the obtaining, the vast majority of which has been constrained by Elon Musk and his consistent tweets.

Agrawal wrote in the string, “A great deal has occurred throughout the course of recent weeks. I’ve been centered around the organization and haven’t said much openly during this time, yet I will now.” He then, at that point, proceeded to address the progressions to the authority group and that “some have been inquiring as to why a ‘stand-in’ CEO would roll out these improvements assuming we’re getting obtained anyway.”According to Agrawal, while he anticipates that the arrangement should close, he focused on that he is still “responsible for driving and working Twitter,” and that nobody at the organization is simply attempting to keep the lights on. “Individuals have additionally inquired: why oversee costs now versus after close? Our industry is in an extremely difficult large scale climate – at this moment. I won’t blame the arrangement so as to try not to pursue significant choices for the soundness of the organization, nor will any pioneer at Twitter,” he composed.

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