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Three changes NFL should make to the draft, plus unveiling a 2022 mock draft that features all 262 picks

Apr 21, 2022

Lovely people, I have some huge news: The beginning of the NFL Draft is just 10 days away. In brief time frame, there will be not any more fake drafts, we will not get to contend any longer about who the Jaguars will take with the primary in general pick and Giants fans will get to quit stressing over whether their group will squander their two top-10 picks, which is presumably going to occur.

Since the draft is currently authoritatively 10 days away, we will jabber about the draft in the present bulletin. In addition to the fact that we have a SEVEN-ROUND mock draft, but at the same time I will uncover the three changes I need to see made at the NFL Draft to make it a more lovely occasion.

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Here’s one inquiry that Ryan Wilson and I replied in the present mailbag (We kicked Will Brinson to the control, so he wasn’t on the present show):

Q: What changes could you make to the NFL draft design?

A: If I was responsible for the NFL, I’d simplify three changes to the NFL Draft organization to add a genuine flavor to the occasion. For one’s purposes, the most obviously awful group in the NFL wouldn’t consequently get the main generally pick. All things being equal, they’d play a game against the second-most exceedingly awful group in the NFL in January and the victor of that game would get the top pick. Then, I would take a thought from the NBA and carry out a draft lottery. The initial two picks would go to the champ and failure of the previously mentioned draft game. From that point onward, the following 16 picks would all participate in the lottery. The names of those 16 groups would be tossed in a cap and an arbitrary drawing would conclude who helps picks three through 18. Under this arrangement, a group like the Texans, who presently have the third by and large pick, could wind up with the eighteenth generally speaking pick all things considered. Apologies, Texans. The NFL could likewise broadcast the lottery drawing, which I’m just bringing up on the grounds that the NFL loves to broadcast things.

At long last, I would abbreviate the first round. Ten minutes for each pick is excessively lengthy. I would chop it down to eight minutes and by doing that I would naturally save us all around an hour of lounging around and sitting idle.

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