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Sirisha Bandla goes to space: ‘Always wanted to explore sky, stars’

Jul 13, 2021

At the point when business financier Richard Branson satisfied his old fantasy about traveling to space on Sunday, among the five individuals who went with him on the “supernatural” trip was a 33-year-elderly person with establishes in Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur.

Sirisha Bandla, VP of government undertakings and examination activities at Branson’s Virgin Galactic, turned into the third lady of Indian beginning — after NASA space travelers Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams — to travel to space.

“From an extremely youthful age she had this aspiration to investigate the sky, the moon, and the stars. Sirisha had focused on space, and I am not in the least astounded that she is good to go to understand her fantasy,” Sirisha’s granddad Dr Bandla Nagaiah disclosed to The Indian Express before the flight initiated on Sunday.

“In the wake of hearing the news that she was important for the group to go into space, I called her. She was driving yet at the same time addressed the call. At the point when I praised her, she said indeed, at last it is going on, and said ‘thank you, thata (grandfather)’,” Dr Nagaiah said.Branson, Sirisha, and four others — pilots David Mackay and Michael Masucci, Virgin Galactic’s central space explorer teacher Beth Moses, and lead activities engineer Colin Bennett — made a trip to the edge of room prior to getting back to earth on board the Galactic Unity 22 rocket.

“She visited Guntur last November, and as common she was ready for business and rising with thoughts. She didn’t discuss going to space when she visited last time yet she referenced that she was accomplishing critical work. She is definitive and has generally excellent administration characteristics,” Nagaiah, who resigned as a horticulture researcher from Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University, said.

Sirisha was brought into the world in Chirala in her maternal grandma’s home. The family then, at that point moved to Tenali in Guntur. Till the age of 5, Sirisha invested energy between Hyderabad where Nagaiah lived, and Tenali at her grandma’s house.Thereafter, she made a trip to Houston to join her folks in the United States. Sirisha’s folks, who are US government workers, are right now posted in India.

Sirisha and her senior sister are exceptionally warm, and have consistently kept in contact with their grandparents, Nagaiah said. All they needed to do was approach their telephone and leave a message, and the sisters would get back to as a general rule, he said.

“For quite a long while, they used to visit India consistently, at times twice. In Houston, Sirisha was drawn to the exercises and information on NASA’s space investigation. She was excited about flight and aviation since she was exceptionally youthful. I realized that she was bound to do incredible things,” he said.

“At the point when she was a youngster, she used to pose a great deal of inquiries about planes, the sky, space travel and so on She used to record her musings and thoughts regarding sky and space, which I presently believe were reports of what she needed to do later on,” Nagaiah said.

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