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Pressley Harvin III: the TD throwing, 260lb punter who may be the star of the draft

Apr 22, 2021

At the point when the NFL draft commences next Thursday, the destiny of some of school football’s greatest names will be chosen. Names like Kyle Pitts, the red-zone breaking tight end out of Florida; Patrick Surtain II, the second-age ballhawk out of Alabama; and Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence, the once in an age prospect whose name figures to be called first. Names that draftniks like ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr and the NFL.com’s Peter Schrager have gone through months rearranging here and there their draft loads up like telepaths perusing tea leaves. Or on the other hand more regrettable: smoking them.

However, notwithstanding those three, here’s another name you’d be astute to follow – Pressley Harvin III, perhaps the most fascinating possibility with regards to the draft.

Harvin is certifiably not a major name, in essence. A portion of that has to do with him coming from Georgia Tech – a school that may somehow stick out in the event that it didn’t impart a state to the Georgia Bulldogs or on the off chance that it weren’t situated in Atlanta, where truly dark universities pose a potential threat. Be that as it may, generally, the position of safety boils down to this: Harvin is – *deep breath* – a punter.

Stand by! I can clarify! He’s a great punter! A year ago he won the Beam Fellow Grant, an honor held for the top punter in all of school football – every one of whom, until Harvin won, were white. He’d procure that enormous bronze prize on the strength of an ACC-record 48-yard net normal on 45 punts, 18 of which arrived inside the 20-yard line. No! Try not to click away! Imagine a scenario where I revealed to you it isn’t only Harvin’s leg that is large. Imagine a scenario in which I disclosed to you that he seems as though he invests more energy watching football than playing it, pressing in overabundance of 260lbs onto a 5ft 11in casing. There are protective finishes on the board right now who might experience difficulty halting him. Furthermore, there are most likely various quarterbacks who’d struggle going toss for toss with him, as well. Believe it or not. Notwithstanding that leg, Pressley has a solid arm. What’s more, he realizes how to utilize it.Flashback to October 2019. Georgia Tech are at home against Miami and down a score late in the primary quarter. After a Yellow Coats drive slows down at the Typhoons’ 41-yard line, Pressley runs onto the field with the remainder of the uncommon groups unit and lines up in punt arrangement. In any case, rather than blasting the ball heavenward, he skirts forward and tosses a high-angling pass down the correct sideline to a streaking Yellow Coats beneficiary. “That is one of the wonderful things that I can do rather than the ball simply hitting my foot,” Pressley told correspondents at his star day. “I attempt to assist the group with excursion sort of way I can.”

The stunt play, which Pressley dispatched from the Yellow Coats’ 48-yard line, would travel exactly 40 yards noticeable all around and help set up a 28-21 additional time win. Certainly, it was only one of three Georgia Tech triumphs that year. (Helpless children haven’t completed over .500 more than twice in the previous six years…) Yet what number of other striving schools can say it was their punter who saved them from being genuinely heartbroken?

At his exhibit for NFL groups in mid-Walk, Harvin called his Flutie-like second against the ‘Sticks an on-field top pick while putting forth a defense for himself as a punter as well as something else. What’s more, that shouldn’t be a hard sell. All things considered, the NFL’s legacy was based on triple-dangers like Paul Hornung and Elroy “Crazylegs” Hirsch – corridor of ranchers, both. For hell’s sake, the last time Bill Belichick let out a smirk was subsequent to sending the previously mentioned Doug Flutie onto the field to nail an extra-point dropkick against the Miami Dolphins. Actually this was a stunt play. However, it was a treat. Also, it’s really awful we don’t see a greater amount of them.In the fifty years since the NFL has progressed from a fistfight in the soil to ball on spikes, players have developed from jack-of-all-exchange ironmen into finely tuned, situational subject matter experts. It has cut to the chase where any adaptability past the all around worn remedies for offense, guard or exceptional groups is viewed as a negative. Kordell Stewart – the QB-slice running back slice beneficiary slice punter who surprised the NFL in mid-90s – ought to have been a model worth imitating. All things being equal, he is professional football’s banner kid for doing excessively. In any case, it might have been such a lot of more terrible. He might have tagged along a few decades sooner and been confined to a part as a recipient or cornerback basically in light of the fact that he was Dark and subsequently expected not to be keen enough for the intellectual and initiative requests of the quarterback position.

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