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Post-mortem of Bengali TV actress Pallavi Dey hints at suicide. Family alleges foul play

May 17, 2022

A fundamental after death report has proposed that TV entertainer Pallavi Dey, who was tracked down dead in her South Kolkata home, had ended it all. Dey’s body was tracked down holding tight Sunday morning. Notwithstanding, based on unambiguous charges by the guardians of the departed, police are examining the “decrease to self destruction” point. Under scanner is Pallavi Dey’s companion Shagnik Chakraborty, who used to remain with her at a similar home in South Kolkata.

Under Section 306 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), on the off chance that any individual ends it all, whoever abets the commission of such demonstration, will be rebuffed with detainment of one or the other depiction for a term which might reach out to a decade, and will likewise be at risk to a fine.

Pallavi’s folks expressed to the police that Shagnik Chakraborty went into a live-in relationship with their girl stifling the way that he was hitched. Notwithstanding, as indicated by them, when Pallavi came to know about his marriage a half year prior, Shagnik told her that a separation case was all the while and he was in detachment from his wife.The guardians have likewise claimed that Shagnaik was absolutely reliant upon Pallavi monetarily and they together bought sumptuous convenience at New Town and a vehicle for themselves. As per Pallavii’s folks, their little girl was doing great in Bengali TV, acquiring great and getting new offers and, thus there was not an obvious explanation for her to end it all.

It is discovered that the test authorities have looked for the call subtleties and the subtleties of the financial balances of Shagnik Chakraborty, particularly of those records and fixed stores that he used to keep mutually with the departed entertainer. The police have proactively followed a bank fixed store of Rs 15 lakh which the two had held jointly.In truth, on Sunday morning, it was Shagnik just who had found the assortment of Pallabi and he was the person who educated the police and the guardians regarding the departed entertainer.

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