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Partition Remembrance Day: ‘Politicians, historians have ignored Punjab’s pain’

Aug 15, 2021

Ex-serviceman, hippie and author, Lahore-conceived Partition casualty Parkash Singh Bhatti (83) isn’t delighted by PM Narendra Modi’s call of noticing August 14 as Partition Remembrance Day.

“Segment’s aggravation can never be neglected. A huge number of our sisters and siblings were uprooted and many lost their lives because of careless disdain and brutality. In memory of the battles and forfeits of our kin, fourteenth August will be seen as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day,” tweeted PM on Saturday.

Nonetheless, furious with government officials and history specialists for disregarding Punjab’s torment, Bhatti said: “Noticing recognition day doesn’t bode well. I’m anxious about the possibility that that now it is more similar to contrivance to counter the continuous rancher fight in Delhi. PM should comprehend that a considerable lot of the ranchers sitting in Delhi are likewise segment casualties and they lack any equity since Independence.”He added, “When Jawaharlal Nehru was conveying a discourse on Independence, lakhs like me turned wards. My family was still better and had associations. We some way or another came to from Lahore to Amritsar after a portion of our relatives were killed… .I am additionally furious with the purported students of history who expounded finally on Jallianwala Bagh slaughter, however stayed quiet on Partition where lakhs were killed. I’m not looking at Jallianwala Bagh and Partition, however I am scrutinizing the quietness of history specialists… ”

Bhatti guaranteed that “neither Jawaharlal Nehru nor Narendra Modi or some other legislator besides has any comprehension of what occurred during Partition”.

“Nehru stayed Prime Minister for very nearly 16 years after the Partition. He didn’t do anything for casualties. He would never get the awfulness of Partition. Assuming PM Modi is truly genuine about Partition casualties, there ought to be no Punjabi ranchers sitting on Delhi borders… .There can’t be most exceedingly awful than what occurred in Punjab during those days and that section was simply shut. So a declaration to notice the day would not do any equity to Partition casualties.”

Reviewing his family’s preliminaries after Partition, he said: “My maternal uncles, my more youthful sisters were killed and my mom was truly harmed. We could just get 10% of cultivating land we had in Lahore.”

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