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Night of the tragic hero: Yann Sommer, Jeremy Doku win hearts on way out

Jul 4, 2021

At the point when Spain’s goalkeeper Unai Simon was given the Man of the Match grant toward the finish of the punishment shootout in the Euro 2020 quarterfinal against Switzerland on Friday, he had a one-line reaction: “Truly, I’d have offered it to Yann Sommer.”

Sommer, otherwise called a food blogger in his own country, a non-VIP footballer who had thwarted French wunderkind Kylian a few days prior, had quite recently pulled off the most brave execution of the current year’s European Championships yet.

Over the 120 minutes of the assessment Spain put Switzerland through, Sommer made 10 recoveries — the record for the most saves by a goalkeeper in Euro 2020. He then, at that point hindered a punishment in the shootout, even as Spain scratched it’s anything but a spot in the following week’s elimination round against Italy.

Switzerland, playing without commander Granit Xhaka, may have collapsed when they were decreased to 10 men after a sketchy red card choice. In not doing as such and taking Spain as far as possible, they offered the current year’s European Championship’s best dark horse story yet.

Roger Federer tweeted, “Danke Switzerland, it’s anything but an astounding Sommer, thank you, incredible exertion,” even as Rafael Nadal would have been commending the Spanish success.

Later in the evening, as Belgium required on Italy in the subsequent quarterfinal, one thing that stood apart was the means by which Roberto Mancini’s ‘Neo-Rennaisance’ project ruled the World Number 1 group. The other thing that was striking was that the essential wellspring of assaults for the Belgians appeared to be from the left flank, being monitored by the most un-distinguished name in their group sheet – 19-year-old Jeremy Doku.

Doku finished eight spills against Italy, the most elevated number for a major part in Euro 2020 up until this point. No other player has figured out how to finish in excess of 6 spills in a solitary match. Doku’s record of 8 spills in the match is additionally the most elevated for a teen since there is full information for World Cups (since 1966) and Euros (since 1980).

Truth be told, as Belgium made their last endeavors to even out in the perishing minutes of the match, it seemed like their assault had isolated into two — Doku driving forward from the left, and the genius outfit on the right containing any semblance of Kevin de Bruyne and Dries Mertens attempting to draw the Italian guard towards them to account for him.

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