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‘Kenan’ Gives Kenan Thompson a Smart, Bittersweet Leading Role

Feb 20, 2021

Kenan Thompson’s been on TV for pretty much thirty years. His expansive grin and excited conveyance promptly broke him out from the packed cast of Nickelodeon’s “All That” a long time before he did likewise on “Saturday Night Live,” the grown-up motivation for the show that previously clarified he was a star. Very nearly 20 periods of “SNL” later, Thompson is striking out all alone to feature the main show that bears his name since “Kenan and Kel,” the droll 1996 sitcom wherein he played, to utilize a fitting reference from a similar time, the Cerebrum to Kel Mitchell’s Pinky. A quarter century later, Thompson is a set up veteran of the medium and one of its most promptly conspicuous countenances. What does it resemble for him to have his own show now?

According to the main scene of “Kenan,” debuting February 16 on NBC, it would appear that a shrewd hug of Thompson’s qualities as an entertainer, in addition to an ambivalent dash of delicacy that could make the show stand apart should it choose to lean in.

Thompson plays Kenan, an as of late bereaved dad of two who has a bright morning show called “Wake Up with Kenan” (slogan: “I don’t mind who you lay down with as long as you ‘Wake Up With Kenan’!”). In the year since his better half Cori (Niccole Thurman) kicked the bucket, Kenan’s made a decent attempt as he can to keep the truth from getting how much her misfortune harms, a position wholeheartedly embraced by Cori’s dad Rick (Wear Johnson). Fleshing out the cast are Kimrie Lewis as Kenan’s concerned head maker, Taylor Louderman as his appraisals fixated co-anchor Tami, Fortune Feimster as “Pam on Games,” and Thompson’s “SNL” co-star Chris Redd as his unpredictable sibling.

Everybody does the positions relegated to them in the pilot, which is probably however much you can ask, given that the cast is as yet sorting out its most grounded elements. Something else, and obviously, it’s Thompson who goes about as the show’s anchor and paste. Making him the substance of a sprightly morning show is a sharp decision, as it gives Thompson a lot of space to enjoy his hammier satire senses. A scene where Kenan verbally makes a fool of himself attempting to recount a relatable tale about his significant other’s labor encounters, just to outrage each shade of mother and furthermore some way or another Beyoncé, wouldn’t work except if it had somebody like Thompson directing it to a definitive punchline of his outsized embarrassment. There are sufficient minutes in the principal scene, in any case, that cause it to feel like “Kenan” was initially intended to be a multi-cam sitcom; the rhythms of the jokes make it all around very simple to envision that the cast is stopping for perceptible chuckling that won’t ever come.

In the event that Kenan’s working environment may be the setting for the greater part of the show’s most overstated tricks, it’s his home life that promptly gives the arrangement a smidgen a greater amount of a quick character. The pilot’s greatest giggle, for example, comes at the finish of the scene when Kenan sits his girls (Dani and Dannah Path) down to watch a blooper reel of him and their mom on the arrangement of the sitcom where they met, in which Cori unrealistically played his mom. Their powerlessness to keep the onscreen relationship dispassionate is however upsetting as it seems to be irrefutably entertaining. Also, the reality of Cori really appearing in this clasp, hence making her all the more a character than an offscreen inconvenience for Kenan and his family to work through, is promising all by itself. (Thurman is additionally quickly entertaining, so I trust she returns!)

However, it’s the virus open that stayed with me past the extent of the last credits. In presenting Kenan, the arrangement shows him escaping the bed where he and his little girls had all nodded off together so he can spread out their outfits for the afternoon. In spite of the fact that it’s charming to watch Kenan get progressively disappointed over sorting out which little skirts go with which minuscule shirts, it’s out and out flawless when he at long last hits on a mix he prefers and momentarily squeezes his hands to his heart. His rush and help at traversing this initial step of the day, one he would’ve taken with their mom simply a year sooner, makes for a shockingly strong scene that Thompson has no issue selling. The more the show can join and offset these minutes with the sillier ones, the more rapidly “Kenan” will discover a depression all its own.

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