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I learnt to stay calm under pressure from Sachin Tendulkar: Pramod Bhagat

Oct 23, 2021

Paralympics gold medallist Pramod Bhagat has ascribed his quiet on-court disposition under the gun to the motivation he took from the sportsmanship and agile conduct showed by the notorious cricketer Sachin Tendulkar in his profession.

Bhagat, the dominant title holder, secured India’s first Paralympics gold with a straight-match dominate over Great Britain’s Daniel Bethell in the SL3 class finals in Tokyo last week.

The 33-year-old Indian, who had contracted polio when he was 4 years of age, showed incredible mental courage as he recuperated from an eight-guide shortage in the second game toward come up bests against his rival.

“I used to play cricket during youth. During that time we used to watch cricket on Doordarsan and I was constantly captivated by Sachin Tendulkar’s quiet disposition, the manner in which he behaved and it affected me,””I began following him. His sportsmanship affected me a great deal. So when I began playing, I followed a similar point of view and it assisted me with making some vital rebound in many matches, including World Championships.

“At the point when I was 4-12 down in second round of the last, I was sure that I can recuperate thus I could held my nerves, stay quiet and rebound and win.”

Bhagat had met Tendulkar in the wake of getting back to the country from Tokyo. He gifted his racquet, which he utilized in the last to Tendulkar, who gave him a signed tee-shirt and his collection of memoirs book.

“I have consistently been propelled by Sachin, directly from youth, so it was a defining moment for me when I met him. He enlightened me concerning the harmony between life and sports. It was a blessing from heaven second.”

Bhagat, who hails from Attabira in Odisha’s Bargarh region, said he didn’t perceive any future in the game when he began yet presently he feels overpowered with the reaction that his gold decoration has created.

“At the point when I began badminton in 2005, I used to feel there is no future except for I won in 2009 big showdown title and when BWF perceived para-badminton, things changed gradually,” he said.”But there was very little acknowledgment for para badminton and some way or another I realized that a gold at Paralympics might get me acknowledgment and I should say I am overpowered with all the consideration.”

Indian para shuttlers guaranteed upwards of four decorations, including two gold, a silver and a bronze, from the Tokyo Paralympics where badminton made its presentation this year.

Bhagat, who has more than 45 worldwide awards added to his repertoire, including four big showdown gold decorations and a gold and a bronze in 2018 Asian Para Games, said opportunity has arrived for para shuttlers to overwhelm the world.

“It is only a beginning for us. The battle time is throughout now and it’s an ideal opportunity to move forward and accomplish more,” he said.

“In Tokyo, we have demonstrated that we are awesome and in years to come, you can expect a lot more significant level exhibitions and I feel in the following year’s Asian games and 2024 Olympics, we will improve.”

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