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Government launches PTV Film and Pakflix projects

Jun 22, 2022

Marriyum Aurangzeb, the Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting initiated the PTV Film Division and Pakflix projects trying to restore the long term worth of content in the PTV chronicles and make it accessible to crowds both, in Pakistan and abroad.

As per Aurangzeb, the purpose for sending off the PTV Film Division is to energize the imagination of the young in regions, for example, filmmaking through PTV creations and other joint endeavors. The films will be delivered on PTV Home. According to the priest, these ventures are being sent off to make quality content.The second undertaking, PakFlix, will highlight 75 years worth of content which incorporates dramatizations and movies that are in the PTV documents. She recognized that there is a remarkable crowds for such satisfied, in Pakistan, yet abroad too.

During her discourse at the initiation of the PTV Film Division, Marriyum Aurangzeb additionally discussed how the entertainment world is significant and needs the help of different enterprises like money. She declared plans for setting up a movie directorate to permit the partners of the business admittance to the service. She likewise featured how movies assume a part in advancing the travel industry and subsequently, the Prime Minister has required a meeting on Film, Tourism and Culture after the spending plan to sort out things.

While discussing the PTV Film division and PakFlix projects, she likewise discussed how there is an absence of content for youngsters on screen on both, state and confidential media, which is the reason the age is more disposed towards unfamiliar media. That is likewise on the plan for PTV projects, to support content for all ages and to move the focal point of PTV away from only news onto things like film and show.

The tasks will be a piece of the 75 years Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Pakistan.Ayeza Khan is the star of Pakistan. She can take up any job and do it flawlessly. From positive to negative or the characters with dark shades, Ayeza Khan has done everything and done equity to each and everything. She is on a break these days as she has been continually working over the most recent couple of months including the furious shoot of a Ramadan drama.Ayeza Khan is headed toward Turkey on a get-away with her two siblings Arham Khan and Wasif Khan. She is truly partaking in her excursions and imparting some truly extraordinary style minutes to her fans.

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