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Escaping girl’s house, teen crosses border in Barmer, stranded in Pakistan

Jan 28, 2021

Sitting close to a house with a covered rooftop in their town Kumharon ka Tiba in Rajasthan’s Barmer region, Jamaram Meghwal and his better half Amku Devi clutch a letter routed to Executive Narendra Modi. The letter, with the thumb impression of Meghwal, demands the PM to help bring back their 18-year-old child Gemraram, who erroneously crossed into Pakistan over two months prior while attempting to escape subsequent to being gotten at a companion’s home.

The police say the Pakistani Officers affirmed to the BSF at a banner gathering on January 5 that Gemraram, a Class 11 understudy, was in their care. “He had gone to meet a young lady in his neighborhood on November 4-5 evening. At around 1-1.30 am, the young lady’s relatives spotted him and he fled, and wound up intersection the line, which is close to their home. We became acquainted with about the occurrence when a missing report was held up by his family on November 16,” said Jetha Slam, SHO Binjrad Police headquarters, adding that they had reached the BSF.Gemraram and the young lady, who is a minor, were enamored, says his senior sibling Jugtaram. “Since schools have been closed since the Coronavirus lockdown, he had been working in Jodhpur at a furniture shop. He had returned on November 4 and the exact night went to meet his companion… When we gave calling his versatile a shot November 5, the call didn’t experience,” says Jugtaram, who likewise works in Jodhpur.The young lady’s family, be that as it may, denies any connection among her and Gemraram.

Jugtaram says the young lady’s family had hit him up the very evening and educated what had occurred. “From that point forward, they have been upsetting us. They additionally put focus on us to not look for my sibling, saying it will endanger their honor,” says Jugtaram. He adds that they got the principal notion that Gemraram had crossed the boundary when BSF authorities came enquiring about him 10 days after the fact.

They are 12 kin, with Gemraram the eighth. The family moved from Pakistan in 1971.

The young lady’s dad says Gemraram had gone into their home with “some unacceptable aim”. The family says they were not even companions, however in a similar school, and the young lady had griped of being annoyed by him and his siblings.

Having moved toward various authorities, including the area SP, with notices for his delivery, Gemraram’s family has at long last chosen to keep in touch with the PM. Congress pioneer Manvendra Singh, an ex-MP and previous MLA from the supporters that covers Gemraram’s town, tweeted on Monday that imperative reports had been shipped off the Pakistan Unfamiliar Service. “Presently, authorities at the Indian Consulate in Islamabad will finish the essential activity,” he said.Additional Administrator of Police, Barmer, Narpat Singh said: “On January 5, the BSF came to know during a banner gathering with the Pakistani Officers that Gemraram is in Pakistan and in legal guardianship. Endeavors to bring him back are being made at the public authority level.”

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