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Delhi zoo on alert for signs of disease

Jan 10, 2021

A “tire shower” of all vehicles entering the premises, splashing of a disinfectant like clockwork, and a winged animal manager observing neighborhood and transient fowls the entire day — these are a portion of the measures being taken at the Public Zoological Park in the wake of dread of avian influenza in the capital.

A zoo official stated, “No indications have been seen in any of the feathered creatures at the zoo up until now. There are around 200 nearby fowls, for example, dark kites, horse shelter owls and vultures that occupy the zoo, and there is a herd of painted storks, which are transient flying creatures, who are at the zoo as of now.”

The authority said in 2016, the zoo was closed for 83 days after three-four instances of avian influenza were distinguished. “From that point forward, avian flu drills are routinely done. Tires of vehicles entering the zoo are washed with a synthetic. In the wake of this new danger, we’ve expanded the recurrence of disinfectant, Virkon, being showered from two to four times each day. The fowl attendant is searching for signs, for example, abrupt breakdown of flying creatures or bluntness in feathers.”The zoo has been closed since a year ago because of the pandemic, and is required to return in April. “Staff is in any case furnished with gloves and veils, we’ve likewise given them an extraordinary uniform because of avian influenza fears,” said the authority.

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