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Dead Butt Syndrome: From symptoms to prevention, all you need to know

Aug 18, 2021

Will delayed sitting make a portion of the body muscles inert so much that they will in general fail to remember their genuine capacity? Specialists say, it can. One such condition is called gluteal amnesia famously known as the “Dead Butt Syndrome”.

“On the off chance that one fosters the example of sitting for extended periods with inert hip and knee muscles then throughout some undefined time frame the cerebrum reduces the neural drive to the gluteal muscles. Today, when proactive tasks are greatly influenced and larger part of the functioning timetables are limited inside the restricted spaces of home, individuals with lesser active work are inclined to foster this condition,” said Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma, chief muscular health and spine medical procedure, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurugram.

How can it occur?

At the point when we sit for a really long time, the gluteal muscles set at the rear of our backside might begin getting expanded or loosen up of spot, said Dr Monu Singh, senior advisor, head of administrations, joint substitution, arthroscopy, and sports medication, Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital.

“Logically, they begin getting ineffectual and wasteful. Regularly when we stand up our gluteal muscles ‘automatically’ offer help to pelvis, to keep our spine straight. The activity of these gluteal muscles is unconstrained without us being cognizant about it. When these muscles are loosened up and lose the capacity to consequently fix and backing the pelvis during standing and strolling, it can prompt Gluteal Amnesia. Individuals with stoutness and idle way of life are more at the danger of creating it.

For what reason does the condition happen?

“The condition might even happen because of inadequacy of nutrient D, nutrient B12 and over-utilization of liquor,” said Dr Verma.


It begins introducing in lower back torment, thigh torment and logically begins influencing lower body developments. Consequently indications like pelvic torment while strolling or sitting, trouble in representing a delayed period, and reliable lower back agony ought not be overlooked and promptly analyzed.

“Considering the time we are living in, indications like reliable agony in back, adjusting issue while standing ought to be accounted for to the specialist come what may. Day by day practices and a solid eating routine can guarantee counteraction,” said Dr Singh.


Lesser actual work dynamically prompts various muscle and bone medical problems. Getting dynamic can guarantee avoidance dependent upon some degree:

One hour caution

Try not to sit for a really long time. Set a caution for consistently and get up with it to move your body, go for a stroll inside your room, or/and do some extending for a few minutes.


Contingent on singular strength and adaptability and after the concerned specialist’s recommendation, one can do squats to keep the lower part of the body dynamic.

Extending and reinforcing

Various exercise designs comprise of two sections – extending the hip flexors, and reinforcing the gluteal, stomach and center muscles

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