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Crafting memories: Hand-crafted polymer and clay miniatures preserve special moments

Sep 15, 2021

Gradually, Avleen Kaur is protecting all your amazing recollections in polymer and earth, making miniatures which are hand-made and redone, with minute enumerating. The 30-year-old set up The Ultimate Kopie (which means duplicate in Dutch) in 2014, as she felt there was need to catch extraordinary events in photos as well as in more imaginative and innovative manners. This is the point at which she conceptualized hand-made miniatures.

“All I need is a high goal photo to duplicate your face, garments and every component in a point by point way in a little. Each work requires 20 days to finish. From weddings to commemorations, commitment to birthday events, everything is caught in these small scale renditions,” grins Kaur. Hailing from Jaladhar, she is presently situated in Puducherry.Each piece is carefully assembled to coordinate with the elements and subtleties of the photos sent by customers. Iron bars structure the foundation of the design, with a combination of porcelain and polymer mud used to cut out highlights. These miniatures are then heated at a high temperature, prior to being given last touches.”We don’t utilize shading or paints, as these blur and drain. All work is finished utilizing polymers,” adds Kaur, whose spouse finished their miniatures back in the US, on their commemoration. Kaur cherished the idea and chose to make her own line here, requiring a year’s preparation abroad prior to setting up this endeavor. Presently she has customers from the nation over, including legislators and celebrities.The Ultimate Kopie offers two kinds of miniatures — standard duplicates, which are 12 cm or 18 cm in size and tweaked, which are 18 cm or 25 cm (PRICE). “In standard duplicates, we simply join provisions of the face sent by the customers on currently made bodies. However, in altered duplicates, everything from garments to hair is reproduced,” says Kaur, adding that the similarity may not be 100%, yet is exceptionally close. Kaur says many individuals accepted that the miniatures are a consequence of some 3D innovation. “They think that it is difficult to accept that these are handcrafted and it’s so satisfying when they appreciate and esteem our innovative exertion,” she notes.

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