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Communal harmony to be protected; violence aimed at creating trouble before next poll: Bangladesh HM

Oct 21, 2021

As reports of assault on minority Hindus keep on arising out of Bangladesh, its home pastor, Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, on Monday gave affirmation that shared amicability will be secured in his country at any expense. He asserted that the brutality is pointed toward instigating inconvenience in his country with an eye on the following general political decision.

The adjoining nation is probably going to hold its decisions toward the finish of 2023.

Addressing PTI over telephone, Khan Kamal said that an examination is in progress to catch the guilty parties associated with “prompting brutality” in his country.

He likewise didn’t preclude “the inclusion on the BNP-Jamaat components” behind the assaults.

“We have made harsh moves to handle the circumstance. An examination is in progress; the guilty parties would not generally be saved. I need to guarantee you that the common agreement of our nation will be ensured at any expense. Both the minority and greater part networks are residents of this nation and would be secured,” Khan Kamal said.

The priest declared that Bangladesh would not let the miscreants prevail in their central goal.

“These occurrences are pointed toward spoiling the appearance of our country and making strain with an eye on the overall political race. In any case, we will not permit these powers to succeed,” he said.

Savagery had ejected in pockets of Bangladesh over a supposed obscenity episode at a Durga Puja structure in Cumilla, around 100 km from Dhaka, following which paramilitary powers were conveyed in many influenced regions.

Inconsistent conflicts, nonetheless, broke out between the police and the narrow minded people as media detailed with regards to vandalisation of Hindu sanctuaries and Durga puja settings.

Somewhere around five people were killed, and scores of others harmed in the conflicts.

Taking note of that many individuals have been captured, Khan Kamal further said that four agitators have additionally been shot dead by the police.

“No harmony cherishing and devout Hindu or Muslim could at any point enjoy brutality. We are not precluding the contribution of BNP-Jamaat or any third powers. They could be behind those assaults to stop the advancement of our country. This could likewise be pointed toward upsetting harmony before the following races,” he kept up with.

Voicing good faith over the continuous test, the home priest further said, “We had asked the puja panels in Cumilla to keep CCTV cameras introduced at the pandal and send volunteers to keep vigil. However, that was not done…”

Relieving India’s interests over insurance of minorities in Bangladesh, Khan Kamal said the public authority is handling the circumstance adequately and progress in examination is normal soon.

“We think there is no should be worried about the minorities here as we are handling the circumstance successfully and doing all that could be within reach to secure them. Such assaults on minorities are occurring in different nations as well,” he underlined.

Inquired as to whether the assaults are identified with the reestablished ascent of fundamentalist powers, empowered by the foundation of Taliban rule in Afghanistan, Kamal answered in negative.

“This steers clear of Taliban rise. Afghanistan is over 1,000 miles from Bangladesh, and individuals of our nation are not made a big deal about it,” he said.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheik Hasina had last week said that move will be made again those attempting to “upset shared agreement”.

She likewise said that the culprits will be pursued down and rebuffed.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has noticed that the public authority in the adjoining nation has responded instantly to guarantee that the circumstance was taken care of and said that the Indian mission is in close contact with the Bangladeshi specialists over the matter.

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