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China does not have any right in choosing next Dalai Lama: Head of Tawang monastery

Oct 25, 2021

China has no authority at all to engage in picking the following Dalai Lama, particularly since the Chinese government doesn’t have confidence in religion, and the progression is altogether a profound matter for the Tibetan public, the top of the Tawang religious community in Arunachal Pradesh has said.

Gyangbung Rinpoche, the Abbot of the almost 350-year-old cloister close to India’s line with China, likewise said that counter Beijing’s strategy of expansionism and New Delhi should keep a severe vigil over the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with the adjoining country.

The top of the second biggest religious community on the planet after the Potala Palace in Tibet’s Lhasa said just the current Dalai Lama and the Tibetan public reserve the option to choose about the progression of the Tibetan otherworldly pioneer and China plays no part to play regarding that situation.

“The Chinese government doesn’t have faith in religion. How could an administration that doesn’t put stock in religion choose the following Dalai Lama. The progression plan involves religion and confidence; it’s anything but a policy centered issue,” he told PTI in a meeting.

“China doesn’t reserve any option to try and engage during the time spent picking the following Dalai Lama. Just the current Dalai Lama and his devotees reserve the privilege to settle on the issue,” he said.

The remarks by the Abbot of the cloister that is situated in a locale guaranteed by China came in the midst of strain in ties between the two nations following the eastern Ladakh line deadlock. India keeps up with that its territory of Arunachal Pradesh is a fundamental and natural piece of the country.

Rinpoche said the Tibetan public won’t ever acknowledge any choice on the issue by China and that Beijing’s endeavor to get involved is essential for endeavors to “catch” the Tibetan legacy and “hold control” over the Tibetan public.

“It will be hard for China to win the hearts of individuals of Tibet. China is firmly controlling Tibet. The specialists don’t permit individuals from outside to meet Tibetans. There are such countless limitations. It is significant that nations like India support the Tibetans,” he said.

The issue of a replacement to the fourteenth Dalai Lama, who has been living estranged abroad in Dharamshala in India starting around 1959, acquired foothold as he turned 86 in July. The Dalai Lama is accepted to be a living Buddha who is resurrected after his passing.

China has been demanding that the choice of the following Dalai Lama must be a chosen inside Chinese area and that it must have an opinion valued by anyone.

Alluding to China’s forceful acting along the LAC, Rinpoche said however India has confidence in harmony and thriving, its methodology in managing such pugnacity must be founded on the ground reality. “India puts stock in harmony and flourishing. India doesn’t prefer to battle or to have scorn against any country. India puts stock in living in harmony with the nations what share a boundary with it,” he said.

“India needs to keep a severe vigil over the boundary. However India puts stock in harmony and success, its methodology must be founded on the ground reality. Areas like Tawang and Ladakh are essential for India,” he said.

The strict pioneer said counter China’s strategy of expansionism.

Beijing has in the past blamed the Dalai Lama for enjoying “rebel” exercises and attempting to part Tibet and thinks about him as a disruptive figure.

Nonetheless, the Tibetan otherworldly pioneer has demanded that he isn’t looking for freedom however “certifiable independence for all Tibetans living in the three conventional territories of Tibet” under the “Center Way approach”.

The Chinese government authorities and the Dalai Lama or his delegates have not met in conventional arrangements beginning around 2010.

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