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Ayurvedic expert suggests simple ways to prevent and treat acidity

Sep 6, 2021

Sharpness is a typical issue that a great many people insight sooner or later. It generally shows as a consuming sensation in the chest that prompts anxiety and touchiness. Various elements like distressing way of life and unwise eating can prompt acidity.However, with few basic way of life transforms, you can forestall sharpness. Ayurvedic master Dr Dixa Bhavsar, said, “Initial move towards treating an illness is to forestall it as avoidance is superior to cure”.She shared not many preventive measures in an Instagram post.

*Avoid over the top fiery, acrid, pungent, aged, singed and cheap food.

*Do not indulge.

*Try to avoid sharp organic products.

*Do not stay hungry for extended periods of time if that causes causticity.

*Don’t skip dinners (never a lunch).

*Avoid troublesome and sporadic eating.

*Have early suppers.

*Avoid food sources containing an abundance measure of garlic, salt, oil, chillies, and so forth all the time. It’s ideal to keep away from non-vegan food varieties.

*Avoid resting following food and in the prostrate position. The best-suggested position is left parallel (vamkukshi).

*Avoid smoking, liquor, tea, espresso and ibuprofen type drugs.

*The last and vital factor is to stay away from stress.However, in case you are as of now enduring the fallouts, the master shared not many simple home cures that can treat your acridity.

*Sip on coriander water for the duration of the day.

*Chew half tsp of fennel seeds post dinners.

*Drink coconut water.

*You can even drink fennel sharbat (juice) in the early evening (fennel + rock sugar/misri).

*Have a small bunch of drenched raisins on a vacant stomach.

*Have tepid milk at sleep time with 1 tsp of cow’s ghee (additionally assists with a sleeping disorder and blockage).

*Drink rosewater and mint water as they are cooling and furthermore help in processing.

*Fruits: Sweet pomegranates, bananas, stewed apples, plums, raisins, apricots, coconut (pick your local).She additionally proposed Ayurvedic spices that can be eaten after a specialist’s meeting.

*Amla: Either as natural product, squeeze or powder.

*Shatavari: With milk at sleep time.

*Yastimadhu (Licorice root powder): Works best for acridity (not intended for hypertensive patients).

*Aloe vera juice: 20-25 ml on void stomach.

She prompted, “Take sufficient rest, drink sufficient water, have sound rest, practice yoga, pranayama, reflection and exercise routinely”. “Sheetali, Shitkari, Anuloma viloma and Bhramari are the best pranayam for acridity,” she added.

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