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Asus Chromebook Flip C214 review: A great computer without spending a big fortune

Jul 17, 2021

You truly needn’t bother with a costly PC to simply compose messages or go to online classes. In the event that you are a normal client who needs a PC principally for these utilizations, then, at that point the Rs 23,999 Asus Chromebook Flip C214 is all you need to go on the web and take care of business. I have been utilizing this Chromebook for as long as 15 days, rather than my trusty Microsoft Surface Pro. What I have discovered utilizing the Chromebook Flip C214 is that I go through my day in an internet browser and utilizing Google applications and needn’t bother with a ton of stuff that most PCs offer. I have shown the Chromebook Flip C214 to a modest bunch of individuals I know and have gotten a ton of inquiries regarding the advantages and disadvantages. Presently, I do figure this 2-in-1 machine can supplant a Windows PC.

Asus Chromebook Flip C214 survey: Robust form

I like conservative workstations as somebody who doesn’t prefer to sit around my work area the entire day. Maybe, I like to move in and around my home and begin working where I feel great.

This is the reason I love the size and transportability of the Chromebook Flip C214. The 11.6-inch Chromebook is intended to dominate on the work area, yet additionally on the couch, or even on the steps if that is the thing that you like. Indeed, the Chromebook Flip C214 isn’t made of metal however its plastic form and the suspension which is covered with finished material and elastic guards around the whole body have a reason. The gadget is unmistakably focused on understudies and the rough idea of the Chromebook should help against coincidental drops.Honestly, the machine is made for me — it’s extremely lightweight at 1.29 kg and keeping in mind that its measurements make it a digit plump, I really loved the wonderful way Asus planned the scratch pad. Availability choices are galore, including two USB-C ports, one on one or the other side of the PC, a USB Type-A port, 3.5mm sound jack and microSD card peruser (up to 2TB support)Asus Chromebook Flip C214 audit: 2-in-one structure factor is valuable

I tracked down the mixture idea of the Flip C214 decent by and by. Albeit this structure factor isn’t novel any longer, it gives clients better approaches for utilizing the processing machine particularly when the gadget is pretty much as moderate as this. Two pivots immovably permit the screen to go as far as possible up to 180 degrees. You can likewise set it up in tent mode for sans hands video survey, or use it’s anything but a tablet.

The tent mode is valuable for watching shows on Netflix while going to approaches my telephone, however I didn’t care for transforming this Chromebook into a tablet. Opening and shutting the gadget is exactly what I would anticipate that it should be, and there’s even a fantastic obstruction when you close the gadget.

One thing I might want to specify is that when you place the gadget in the tent or tablet mode, the product immediately distinguishes the direction and changes likewise. That smartness is missing when I utilize 2-in-1 Windows laptops.Asus Chromebook Flip C214 audit: Those thick screen bezels

We should discuss the screen, will we? It’s ideal to utilize and upholds contact, however those bezels are thick. Children wouldn’t fret having bezels around the screen, and it’s anything but no joking matter when perusing digital books or website pages. Be that as it may, I should concede I can differentiate between the screen on this gadget and the screen on the section level iPad. All things considered, the 11.6-inch screen is splendid for watching your number one shows and motion pictures and has great outside perceivability regardless of having quite recently a 1366x768p goal. Perusing digital books and website pages functioned admirably on the HD screen.

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