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An Inside Look at Scientology’s Lavish Production Facilities and Actor Recruitment Strategy

May 3, 2021

Ex-individuals offer an uncommon glance at the association’s numerous studios and assert that Scientology utilized the tryout cycle to enlist outside entertainers: “It’s an in-house film and nobody will see it.”

Ten years prior this month, the Congregation of Scientology bought Hollywood’s memorable KCET parcel in Los Feliz, which it rebranded as Scientology Media Creations. It is from here that it works the Scientology Organization, which dispatched Walk 12, 2018, with a video message from pioneer David Miscavige. Showing up in a fitted blue suit inside a cutting edge church building, Miscavige guaranteed the Television slot would “show you inside Scientology — what our identity is, the thing that Scientology is and what Scientology can do. … We’re not here to lecture you, to persuade you or to change over you. No. We just need to show you.”

As indicated by sources, notwithstanding, converting is actually what the organization is expected to do. In the interim, in the course of recent many years, Scientology has likewise utilized its tryout cycle for in-house movies to connect with newcomers, just as facilitated acting classes to attract planned individuals. Through a representative, the Congregation of Scientology denies these portrayals.

The Scientology Organization — whose site says it’s open to in excess of 20 million families all through the U.S. — contains nine unscripted arrangement (counting Meet a Scientologist and Objective: Scientology), a narrative exhibit and in-house films going from Reality with regards to Medications to The Best approach to Joy that mirror the congregation’s doctrine. It’s accessible on DirecTV and through Roku, Apple television, Amazon and Google Chromecast and airs in 17 dialects.

Scientology Media Creations sits only five squares down Nightfall Road from the primary Church of Scientology Global L.A. KCET offered the property to the congregation in April 2011 for $45 million, as per the Los Angeles Times, which was changed in accordance with $28.8 million when the nearby Television slot incidentally rented delete prior to tracking down another area. The congregation apparently burned through $50 million reestablishing the parcel to its 1920s look and refreshing the offices. There are three soundstages, postproduction apparatuses (with 20 Enthusiastic altering suites and 21 VFX stations), control rooms, music studios, blending rooms, craftsmanship divisions, scene shops, radio corners, screening rooms, a magazine creation space, a live-occasions center point — all with new, very good quality hardware in 136,000 square feet of room and staffed by chapel individuals.

Creation has been interlaced with Scientology from the earliest starting point, as originator L. Ron Hubbard composed a small bunch of Hollywood contents and ceaselessly accentuated the significance of getting his message to the screen. Brilliant Time Creations, situated at the congregation’s Gold Base central command in Hemet, California, was the first media arm of Scientology is still where most inner movies for the association are delivered. Miscavige himself worked at Brilliant Time as a high school camera administrator, turning out to be boss cinematographer at age 17 and working his way into Hubbard’s inward circle, as indicated by Lawrence Wright’s 2013 book, Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Jail of Conviction.

Marc Headley, who worked at Brilliant Time for 10 years prior to leaving Scientology in 2005, discloses to The Hollywood Journalist that an ordinary year would see him and his group creating three to four movies and 50 individual recordings — generally PR for the congregation, showing its individuals changing the world and doing great. Since 2005, 5,200 recordings and movies have been created (English and deciphered), averaging 90 every month, as indicated by Scientology magazine Opportunity.

During Headley’s time at Brilliant Time, the substance was for the most part for inner use and was under close control by Miscavige; Headley recalls that him approving each projecting and day by day. A solitary film, which commonly checked in at 15 to 45 minutes, could run $500,000 to deliver. In any case, work was modest: Ocean Organization individuals — the most noteworthy, most ardent individuals from the congregation who sign billion-year contracts — were paid simple pennies 60 minutes, as indicated by both Headley and the HBO narrative Going Clear. That is, until Shawna Brakefield, at that point a Scientologist herself, became head of SAGIndie — Droop’s effort arm for autonomous producers — during the last part of the 1990s and commanded that the congregation pay its entertainers society rates, says Headley.At the start, it was all Scientologists who might show up in these movies — there were acting courses given at the base, directed by Hubbard, who liked himself a talented movie producer and on-camera character. Other, non-Ocean Organization Scientologists who had industry vocations outside the congregation additionally participated.

“I did my first tech [Hubbard’s expression for his teachings] film and sort of being apprehensive, similar to what’s the assumption on set and what’s it going to resemble?” reviews one previous Scientology entertainer who asked not to be named. “And afterward strolling on set and everybody was kidding and smoking and swearing, and the chief was amusing and it was really proficient. Furthermore, I resembled, ‘Goodness, this isn’t at all what I anticipated. This is in reality loads of fun.’ ” He would proceed to act in vertical of twelve church films, depicting excellent creations, innovative offices and rentals of expert camera gear.

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