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Amber Heard’s daughter Oonagh was born in April 2021.

May 25, 2022

Aquaman entertainer Amber Heard is presently going head to head against her ex Johnny Depp in a Fairfax, Virginia Court over a USD 50 million criticism case recorded by the last option. Heard had distributed a commentary in 2018 in The Washington Post calling herself a homegrown maltreatment casualty and survivor. Depp has guaranteed after this article was distributed he lost the rewarding job as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean establishment and allegations feel somewhat skeptical over his Hollywood vocation. As the ex-couple fight it out in Court in a progression of charges and counter-claims, their own lives have likewise become the dominant focal point. Heard has reported back in July 2021 that she has invited a little girl into her loved ones. She named her Oonagh Paige Heard. Heard additionally said that the child was brought into the world on April 8. In any case, she made no notice of the dad of her child or regardless of whether she was conceived by means of a substitute. Heard wrote in her Instagram post, “quite a while back, I concluded I needed to have a youngster. I needed to do it in my own specific manner. I currently value how extremist it is for us as ladies to ponder one of the most basic pieces of our predeterminations along these lines. I genuinely want to believe that we show up at a point wherein it’s standardized to not maintain that a ring all together should have a den. A piece of me needs to maintain that my confidential life is not anybody’s concern (sic).”Since the Depp-Heard criticism preliminary is at present being broadcasted on TV, Many are pondering who is the dad of Heard’s child and regardless of whether Depp is engaged with the childhood in any capacity. The child young lady is right now one year old.

Heard is a pleased single parent
Heard has decided not to unveil the subtleties of her child’s dad. She has been sharing numerous blissful snapshots of Oonagh growing up and it is really clear from the pictures that she is a solitary parent and satisfying the obligations of a mother with a great deal of affection and care. Heard has been blamed by Depp for having illicit relationships with Elon Musk and James Franco while they were as yet hitched. Allegedly, both Franco and Musk might seem through video conferencing to affirm during the ongoing preliminary. It is not yet clear whether any of the allegations connected with Heard’s undertakings are valid or not.

Odds are after the preliminary finishes, the dad’s character will in any case stay a secret.

Surrogacy or pregnancy?
Heard’s public appearances during 2020 and 2021 have not demonstrated at all that she was pregnant. The youngster is remembered to have been brought into the world through a substitute.

Heard will next highlight in the Aquaman continuation named The Lost Kingdom. She will repeat her job as Mera. James Wan is guiding it and Jason Momoa will assume the nominal part.

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