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AIFF secretary Kushal Das molested employees at workplace: Ranjit Bajaj

Apr 25, 2022

Business person Ranjit Bajaj, who possessed I-League club Minerva Punjab FC, on Monday affirmed that All India Football Federation (AIFF) General Secretary Kushal Das had attacked representatives at working environment, a charge totally dismissed by the public body and its high ranking representative.

Bajaj, who auctions off Minerva Punjab FC in 2020 in the wake of claiming it for quite a long time, said there were “two instances of attack of representatives at work environment” and the top of the board which manages inappropriate behavior grumblings at the AIFF was “constrained by president Praful Patel to cover the report”.

“… Kushal Das RESIGN Or I will be uncovering insights regarding you which have been covered by @praful_patel #METOO #metooindia enuf will be enuf,” Bajaj tweeted.Later, addressing PTI, Bajaj said, “I’m not making any claims against the alliance. This is against an individual and he can go to court, make a testimony. Allow him to concoct a refusal, he should answer in his own ability as opposed to utilizing the Aiff PR apparatus.”

Das said no such objection has arrived at the AIFF advisory group over the most recent 10 years.

“There is generally a ladies’ cell in the AIFF to investigate any sort of claims like these and there are no such charges over the most recent 10 years,” Das told PTI.

“However, let the ladies’ cell investigate the claims he has made and give a report before I say something and before the leader board takes a choice.”

The AIFF, on its part, remained behind its high ranking representative and said it will take “fitting lawful activity against the concerned person”.

“All assertions and charges made are misleading and created, and made without a bit of proof on the side of something very similar. Further, no such protests or potentially concerns were gotten by the Internal Complaints Committee comprised by the AIFF according to the PoSH Act, 2013,” the AIFF said in an articulation.

“The AIFF follows a solid moral set of rules inside the association, guaranteeing the assurance and prosperity of all its staff individuals.

“The claims made by Mr Bajaj are disparaging in nature, really hurting not exclusively to Mr Das yet additionally to the whole footballing crew in India. Regarding something similar, the AIFF has considered it reasonable to make a fitting lawful move against the concerned person.”

The AIFF said it will likewise allude the make a difference to the Executive Committee, and furthermore to the AGM for fitting activity.

Jyotsna Gupta, the ongoing top of the Internal Complaints Committee said she or her board has not gotten any objection against Das or any AIFF official.As top of the advisory group, I have not gotten any such report (of lewd behavior) against the overall secretary or against any authority of the AIFF,” Gupta said.

“It was a shock to me that someone would make such claims against the GS. The working environment at the AIFF is free from even a hint of harm for ladies.”

Shantha Gopinath, who headed the board before Gupta took over last year, said she had not gotten any grumblings against Das.

Nandini Arora, Project Director, Local Organizing Committee of the 2022 ladies’ FIFA U-17 World Cup, likewise said that the female staff of the LOC have not confronted any issue while working with Das.

In the wake of auctioning off Minerva Punjab FC, which is currently contending in the I-League as Roundglass Punjab FC, Bajaj is presently running Minerva Academy Football Club in Mohali. He has a background marked by disagreements with the AIFF which had suspended him for one year in 2018 subsequent to being found ‘at legitimate fault for’ offering bigoted comments against an arbitrator.

In 2019, the AIFF censured Bajaj for his solid remarks against the AIFF via online entertainment.

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