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After BSY’s assurance, Lingayat sub-sect puts off quota agitation for six months

Mar 17, 2021

The Panchamasali Lingayats — a sub-group of the prevailing and politically huge Lingayat people group in Karnataka — on Monday incidentally canceled their tumult for reservation under the Other In reverse Classes (OBC) standard after Boss Clergyman B S Yediyurappa looked for a half year to address their interest in a sacred and legitimate way.

The people group had held a dissent walk on January 14 and was disturbing in Bengaluru from February 21 for incorporation in the OBC portion of 15% in government occupations and instruction. It presently appreciates a standard of five percent.

On Monday, Yediyurappa guaranteed the local area from the floor of the Administrative Gathering that he would put forth a genuine attempt to fulfill their needs. Following his comments, heads of the local area chose to cancel the disturbance. “Based on a solicitation for a half year to address the booking issue, the unsettling is being canceled for a half year,” a soothsayer of the Panchamasali people group, Basava Jaya Mruthyunjaya Master, declared Monday.Yediyurappa made the obligation to determine the issue even as BJP MLA Basavaraj Patil Yatnal, who is an individual from the Panchamasali people group, had cautioned that the disturbance would be scaled up.Yediyurappa looked for time to determine the issue by refering to the production of a three-part board headed by a resigned high court judge to examine the reservation requests of the Panchamasali people group and others, just as an activity being done by the state’s in reverse classes commission to discover if the Panchamasalis meet all requirements for OBC reservations.

The three-part board was comprised on Walk 10. “According to a Bureau choice to determine requests for reservations by different ranks under lawful and protected standards, a three part board is being established under the chairmanship of resigned high court judge Subhash Adi,” Yediyurappa had said at that point.

The Panchamasali Lingayats are a sub-group of the Veerashaiva Lingayat people group to which Yediyurappa additionally has a place.

MLA Yatnal and heads of the Panchamsali Lingayats finished a 700 km walk that started on January 14 in north Karnataka requesting the standard and have sat in fight in Bengaluru from February 21.”If the public authority doesn’t show the will to give reservations as looked for by the Panchamasali Lingayats then I will arrange a dharna in the house and the protestors at the Opportunity Park will go on a yearning strike,” the BJP MLA Yatnal had cautioned in the gathering a week ago.

The people group, which is prevalently occupied with agribusiness, has refered to destitution among an enormous part of individuals to push for OBC reservations.

Panchamasalis guarantee to make up around 85 lakh of the six crore populace in Karnataka and guarantee to make up in excess of 70% of the state’s Lingayat populace — assessed to associate with 17% of the complete populace in the territory of Karnataka.

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