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Afghanistan: UN pressures Taliban over missing women’s activists

Jan 24, 2022

The United Nations said it was worried about the vanishing of two Afghan ladies’ privileges activists. Taman Zaryabi Paryani and Parawana Ibrahimkhel were allegedly stole from their homes by the Taliban on Wednesday night.

“We ask Taliban to give data on their whereabouts and to secure freedoms of all Afghans,” the UN’s Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said in an assertion on Twitter.

Lobbyist films troubling video

One of the activists figured out how to film a frightening video obviously from her home in Kabul.The video shows a noticeably terrified Paryani, as men professing to be from the Taliban’s insight office, beat on the front entryway.

As indicated by nearby telecaster Aamaj News, Paryani was disengaged soon after imparting the video to the network.Ibrahimkhel clearly disappeared on that very evening.

Paryani was among a gathering of ladies who had fought the constrained wearing of the hijab.

An observer told the AP news organization that ten furnished men had done the evening time assault. The observer said that four individuals were taken, including Paryani.

The Taliban have excused Paryani ‘s video as a phony, with a representative for police in Kabul, Mobin Khan, saying it was a “produced drama.”On Monday, a board of UN basic freedoms specialists said the Taliban’s initiative was “systematizing enormous scope and fundamental orientation based separation and viciousness against ladies and young ladies.”

As indicated by the board, there have been a progression of prohibitive measures that target ladies since the aggressor gathering’s takeover of Afghanistan.

“Today, we are seeing the endeavor to consistently delete ladies and young ladies from public life in Afghanistan, remembering for organizations and components that had been recently set up to help and secure those ladies and young ladies who are most in danger,” the board of specialists said in an assertion.

On Friday, two nearby workers of NGOs working in country Afghanistan told the AFP news organization that the Taliban took steps to shoot them on the off chance that they didn’t wear burqas.

The Taliban had given its affirmations they would maintain ladies’ privileges not long after holding onto power. The Islamist bunch has kept attempting to earn acknowledgment from the worldwide local area. Until this point in time, no nation has perceived its administration.

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